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Brandon P. - 2022-11-15

DBA Weekly Roundup - November 15th, 2022

re:BASED talk: Interplanetary File System

DBA’s Aaron Finocchiaro describes IPFS (Interplanetary File System) as a way to fight against a centralized internet and make information more available.

Please remember to keep an eye out for more talks from re:BASED as they become avalable. You can find all the released talks at https://rebasedconf.com/2022.

US Intel and the browsers that trust them; Stable Diffusion in your pocket; LBRY (utility?) token gets pwned by SEC

TrustCor Systems connected to US intelligence agencies - What if a root certificate authority was a bad actor? TrustCor Systems is used to authenticate websites, but its connections to intelligence agencies and law enforcement shed light on how the internet’s infrastructure is leveraged by the state.

Are LBRY Tokens Securities? - Everyone is paying attention to FTX, but this is the biggest crypto news of the week. Jeremy Kauffman, a re:BASED Alum, has been fighting the SEC in court to show that LBRY tokens are not securities. The Judge’s ruling that the tokens are securities in the case should be sending chills down the spine of every contributor to a crypto project that is subject to US law.

Containers are chroot with a Marketing Budget - Containers are often explained in an oversimplified way. Adam Gordon Bell builds a container runtime using only the chroot system call, and in the process clarifies how they work.

Liu Liu got Stable Diffusion to work on iPhones - A great writeup on modifying Stable Diffusion such that it would run within the memory constraints of a modern iPhone. - Draw Things app

Blog search wars - Technorati once gave us the definitive blog search tool, but ultimately lost out to the sheer scale of Google.

Home Invasion: Mastodon’s Eternal September Begins - If you aren’t familiar with the Eternal September, it was in 1993 when Usenet services suddenly began being offered more broadly, and ‘the normies’ invaded the geek spaces and made it banal. Now it’s 2022, journalists are ‘the normies’, ActivityPub is Usenet, and the geeks are way weirder.

You lose, you die - Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, raises the stakes for VR games - by creating an explosive headset that KILLS you if you lose!