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Your AI-accelerated MVP, on a fixed schedule, for $60k-$90k

Phase 1: Research and Planning Phase 2: Prototyping Phase 3: Intensive Build Launch. 🚀

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AI-Powered MVP? What's that?

An AI-Powered Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a streamlined version of a product that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize its core features. It provides just enough functionality to satisfy early adopters and gathers valuable user feedback for future development and improvements.

With an MVP, you'll efficiently validate product-market fit, gather crucial feedback, and make informed iterations.

Getting early product feedback helps ensure that capital is focused on the features that users care about.

The Impulse-AI Advantage

DBA is here to help! We'll work with your team to build and launch your AI-Powered MVP in just three weeks.

We build and launch products all the time. DBA understands that integrating AI into a product can seem overwhelming, but we have the experience to guide you through a successful launch.

Don’t like surprises? Impulse-AI is a fixed-budget service, so you always know exactly what to expect.

The Path:

Phase 1

Research and Planning

  • Define business goals
  • Create user profiles using AI insights
  • Identify core features
  • Write project roadmap

Phase 2


  • Discover AI-optimized workflows
  • Develop clickable prototype
  • Gather user feedback through AI tools
  • Iterate on prototype

Phase 3

Launch, Feedback, and Future Planning

  • Implement backend services
  • Integrate AI
  • Rigorous AI-assisted testing
  • Deploy to production



  • Launch MVP to beta testers
  • Prepare for AI-centered user feedback
  • Deliver summary of AI MVP
  • Plan for AI-powered future development

Running MVP

Need Funding?

In this challenging funding environment, we are excited to partner with qualified startups via early stage investment. You can find out more at . Your company can secure the financial support it needs while benefiting from our industry expertise and networks.

What's great about DBA?

Proven experience launching AI products.

Leverage our extensive expertise in delivering successful AI-Powered MVPs and full-fledged AI applications, enabling your vision to become a market-ready reality.

Collaborative approach with transparent communication.

Our AI-expert team engages in close partnership with clients, fostering a seamless workflow and open dialogue for effective decision-making and AI app refinement.

Post-launch support for AI products.

We provide dedicated, ongoing AI assistance to ensure your app thrives, with proactive AI bug fixes, feature enhancements, and AI performance optimization.

Testimonial 01
Aron Wagner
"DBA’s engineering excellence was the best I have seen in the business. On the infrastructure side of technology, enterprises struggle to adopt multi-cloud strategies with tools and solutions that are well documented. DBA’s team had the additional challenge of two separate open-source clouds, with little to no documentation and were able to invent a multi-cloud pipeline providing not only redundancy to Truth Social’s infrastructure but also 100% uptime. It was simply incredible to witness, I can’t wait to see what these guys build next."
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Testimonial 01
Jon Phillips
"What DBA created for us, I didn't even know it was possible. And I come from the I.T. side of the business!"
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Testimonial 01
Will Wilkerson
Co-Founder / Senior VP of Operations - Truth Social
"DBA was hired to provide the expertise and resources needed to launch Truth Social. Their team handled all of the critical tasks including infrastructure, scalability and product design. The team at DBA worked diligently to ensure the product launched on time and was available to be used by millions of users around the world."
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Impulse is a fixed-budget service, so you're never surprised by costs. Pricing ranges from $40k-$60k depending upon complexity and domain requirements. Adding AI to your MVP typically adds $20k-$30k and a few weeks to a project.

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